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Big Sib Little Sib Program

Big Sib Little Sib Logo

The Big Sib Little Sib Program is similar to a traditional sunbae-hoobae (선배-후배) system where we match upperclassmen with underclassmen based on shared interests so that everyone has an opportunity to form meaningful relationships with someone in Brown’s Korean American community.

In the beginning of each school year, we host a Big Sib Little Sib Adoption Event where we introduce underclassmen to our LOVELY upperclassmen and allow you to mix and mingle! From there, littles will choose a few upperclassmen that you would like to get to know better and will be MATCHED based on your preferences! Attending will get you first priority to being matched but if you can't make it, let us know before the start of the event, and we'll try to match you to a big sib as best we can :)) Throughout the year, littles hangout with their big whether its over a meal, study session, or at a KASA event (such as big sib little sib tournaments)!

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