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About Brown KASA

Our Mission

The Korean American Students Association (KASA) is dedicated to promoting and spreading awareness of Korean culture and customs with the Brown community at large, as well as the greater Providence area. The Korean American Students Association actively sponsors and promotes any activity which would foster cultural exchange, promote social networking, and benefit and enhance the Brown community.

What we do!

KASA is a social and cultural organization that provides a space for students of Korean and non-Korean heritage to share and celebrate Korean traditions, customs, culture, and values. We are committed to hosting fun events and gatherings that allow people to connect with one another and form communities of inclusion and diversity. Some of our events include KASA Calligraphy, Chimek Movie Night, SnowBall, Big Sib/Little Sib Game Tournaments, Membership Training, and the annual Korean Culture Show. In our Big Sib/Little Sib program, we match upperclassmen with underclassmen based on shared interests so that everyone has an opportunity to form meaningful relationships with someone in Brown’s Korean American community.

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Do I Have to be Korean to Join?

Absolutely not! We are a non-affinity club that accepts people from all walks of life, regardless of identity and background. The only requirement is to have some interest in Korean culture!

How to Stay Connected!

To be up-to-date with our latest events and programs, please follow our social media platforms, KASA’s google calendar, or the website:


Instagram: @brownkasa

Facebook: @BrownKASA

GroupMe: Scan the QR Code

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